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NEW: The Curious Garden by Peter Brown.
Liam is a very curious, active child who decides to help plants grow in his drab city. Along the way he learns to garden, enlists other children and adults, and helps to change his world.

NEW: Iggy Peck, Architect by Andrea Beaty.
Iggy was born to be an architect. From early childhood, he designed and built structures in his house and yard. Iggy finds a way to save his second grade class when they are stuck on a small island. All children who love to build will enjoy this book.

NEW: Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett.
Annabelle's town is drab and lifeless until she finds a box of endless yarn. She begins to make sweaters and hats for the townspeople. An evil Duke steals the box, but when he looks inside the box is empty. When Annabelle recovers the box, there is yarn in plenty. This Primary book will be enjoyed by Preschoolers, too.

And Then It's Spring by Julie Fogliano.
A young boy and his pets have planted their spring seeds, watched over them, and watered them. Still, spring has not arrived. The wait is long, but the arrival of spring makes the wait worthwhile. Primary

A Home for Bird by Philip Stead.
A blue bird made of wood, falls off a moving truck and is found by a toad named Vernon. Even though the bird will not speak to him, Vernon is determined to help his friend find a home. This story of a one-sided friendship will warm your heart. Preschool/Primary

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