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All the helpful information for parents and teachers that was on Meddybemps.com is now on the new Meddybemps Guide and we are free to offer educational downloads, links to books sold by Amazon.com, and playful products like T-shirts and mugs featuring art and design from Meddybemps.com.

Because so many children visit Meddybemps.com, that site has to adhere to strict online privacy regulations that prevent us from any interactions that involve personal data.
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Easier Assembly!

Finally, all of our Miniature Village buildings except the Central Station and Platform now have tabs and bigger bottom flaps to make assembly easier. You no longer have to use tape or glue, but you may for permanent construction. A redesigned menu and two new buildings make this FREE resource better than ever.

If your children love playing with little wooden trains, make a few paper buildings for them (and with them). They are also very useful in the classroom for discussions about careers and community life. They are fairly easy to build, and lots of fun.

Visit our Miniature Village page in a new window.
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No fences. No walls.
No cages.

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to see animals in their natural habitat? Travel to South Africa with Jeremy and Nicole's African Safari. Enjoy an exciting collection of photographs and learn about eighteen fascinating creatures.

Join us on Safari!

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